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Business Hub

The Hertford Club has been at the centre of Hertford’s business world for over a Century and it still has an important role, as one of the town’s natural business hubs.

We know that in modern business, no two days are the same.

Whether you are freelance, self-employed or have the ability to work from home, the Hertford Club can help.

It can be difficult to concentrate at home – it’s easy to get distracted by the television, housework, family members, or housemates. Separating work and home life can also be tricky; so it makes sense to have a place to ‘go to work’ in the day, then come home and relax.

Why use the Hertford Club?

  • Free ultra-fast WiFi

  • Tea and coffee

  • Lunches

  • Quiet areas to sit and work

  • Meeting rooms (advance booking not always necessary)

Thinking of having an event?


If you would like to look around, hire a room or book an event get in touch. 

We'll explain prices, packages and available dates. 

Please call 01992 421422 or email us or view us on TripAdvisor.

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