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On Saturday 4th July, we'll be reopening the Hertford Club at 12 noon and we can’t wait to welcome you!

Our priority is the safety of our staff and members, and as such, the Committee has introduced new ways of working to meet Government guidelines and to keep everyone safe. 

Your responsibility:

  1. If you have a cough, a fever or difficulty breathing, and you are worried that you, or a family member may have COVID-19, please do not enter the building – and seek medical advice. 

  2. EVERYONE must sign in and out – it’s a legal requirement for track and trace.

  3. Members can bring guests, but only one per member.

  4. Contactless payment is the only payment option we can accept – please make sure you pay by your bank/credit contactless card, or you top up your Club swipe card. You can also top up your card via a bank transfer – please contact chair@hertford.club for details. No tabs are permitted.

  5. Anyone not from the same household must maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance from each other, at all times. 

  6. No more than two households should be sitting together at any time.

  7. There will be a one-in, one-out policy operating in the toilets. Those waiting must stay in the designated waiting areas outside the toilets and away from the doors.

Our responsibility:

  1. Directional arrows and ‘Wait Here’ signage has been installed

  2.  The BAR AREA IS CLOSED for standing, sitting and ordering – please use the dedicated area

  3. Tables and chairs have been removed and others repositioned, to allow for social distancing – please do not move furniture INSIDE or THE GARDEN/TERRACE AREAS

  4. The bar area, tables and toilets will be cleaned every 30 minutes

  5. A one-in, one-out policy will be operated in the toilets, those waiting must stay outside the toilet in designated waiting areas and away from the doors

  6. Hand sanitiser will be available for customers and staff

  7. New opening hours:

    • Sunday 1pm – 8pm   

    • Monday 3pm – 8pm       

    • Tuesday  3pm – 8 pm

    • Wednesday 3pm – 8pm                    

    • Thursday 3pm to 8pm   

    • Friday 1pm – 10pm                            

    • Saturday 12pm – 10pm

  8. The restaurant remains closed for the time being

Get a free NHS test today to check if you have coronavirus now

Anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can get a free test to check if they have the virus. Some people without symptoms can have the test too. This test is called the "antigen" or "swab" test.

There is another type of test (antibody test) that checks if you've already had the virus. This test is not widely available yet. You can find out about antibody testing on GOV.UK.

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